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Cello Cone Party Bags

Cone Cello Bags Description:

Our lovely cone cello bags are the perfect addition to your party, simply fill them with various types of sweets or candy, tie them up with one of our twist ties and watch in delight as they leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Choose from our diverse range of 9 colours to match the theme or colour scheme of your event!

We sell 3 different sizes of empty cone cello bags:

Our smallest measures 16cm x 22cm which are fab for miniature sweet cone bags or little party favours.

Our medium size measures 16cm x 30cm and are a great happy medium if you want that "not too small but not too big" effect!

Or our largest ones measure 18cm x 37cm, these are perfect for holding lots of different types of sweets / candy favours.

A great way to personalise these is to add a little gift tag just to say "thank you for coming", these leave a positive lasting impression for your guests!
Go ahead and make your party one that your guests won’t forget!